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Voddler updating player

Vnet is based on peer-to-peer (p2p), where all users contribute by streaming movies to each other, but, unlike traditional p2p, Vnet has a central administrator who decides which users that have access to which movies.Due to this exception, Vnet has been referred to as a "hybrid p2p distribution system", "walled garden p2p" is a peer-to-peer-based video content delivery solution.

and developed its own streaming solution, called Vnet.

In March 2010, Voddler updated the interface to allow for mouse and keyboard control, both for selecting movies and for playing them in the Voddler media player.

This first mediaplayer was based on the GNU Public Licensed (GPL) source code of XBMC Media Center, a free and open source software, that Voddler used as its application framework for the media player.

The catalog soon, however, became a mix of free movies (ad-funded or AVOD); rental movies (pay-per-view or TVOD); films that were part of a package (subscription or SVOD); and titles for purchase (Electronic Sell-Through or EST).

The catalog contains primarily Hollywood- and other American titles, together with Scandinavian movies, primarily Swedish.

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